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Best home nurse and newborn care award 2022
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Best home nurse and newborn care award 2022
childcare provider of the year award

Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by our parents

A professional nanny can make all the difference to quality baby sitting and holistic newborn care

professional nanny
professional nanny

A professional midwife, nurse and childcare assistant can make all the difference to quality childcare, babysitting and holistic new born care.

Your little bundle of joy demands all your love and attention. And it’s most likely that as parents you are going to lavish all the attention that you can on your little one, be it in terms of creature comforts, daily care giving, medical monitoring, emotional nurturing, or hand holding your child through the first few formative years of educational foundation.

But you can’t be around all the time given the professional demands of your careers, as you have to get back to the rigmarole of your daily grind sooner than later. Modern-day lifestyles are governed by hectic work schedules leaving one with not sufficient time to bring up a child.

Hence, a professionally trained baby sitter comes into the picture of newborn baby care. But finding a good and reliable nanny is no child’s play.

One needs to check a few vital parameters before choosing a baby sitter for baby care at home. At Nightingale Dubai, we make sure that our professionally trained nannies are well-versed with the demands of modern-day holistic newborn care at home and are caring-yet-knowledgeable at the same time.

Following are the necessary qualifications and quality traits that a professional nanny must be equipped with:

  1. Friendly, positive, and caring attitude: Finding a loving and reliable nanny is the biggest challenge that a family might face. For a nanny to be chosen by a family, she must be someone who has a good temperament to tackle the moods of a newborn, must be friendly and non-judgemental towards the child, must be positive so that the child imbibes a cheerful personality. All these are important factors for any parent to consider, as in the absence of a family member, the nanny is going to be the most important psychologically influential person in the child’s life.
  2. Basic child teaching tools: This involves age-appropriate language-learning and educational activities with the help of learners’ books and games. This function is important as this is the time a child is very keen and curious to learn and is most eager to pick up linguistic constructions and numerical calculations during the growing-up phase. A well-trained nanny must be able to engage the child’s potential and mind through a series of story telling techniques, learning games, and playful activities. A well-engaged child is likely to be more active and social as opposed to being dull, lethargic, or unsocial.
  3. Preliminary medical care: This includes day-to-day caring for the child and administering medical care whenever the need be in terms of medicines of first-aid. This also involves maintaining a regular medical calendar or check-ups, vaccinations, and other tests. This also involves a close monitoring of any physical or psychological problem or impairment, be it in speech or the ability to learn and adapt that the child might be facing, and reporting that to the concerned parents.

Here is a list of daily duties that nannies working in Dubai need to fulfill:

Nursery duties: Assisting with children’s daily nursery duties including preparing children’s meals, feeding and cleaning, washing and ironing clothes, making beds, and maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Fulfilling the emotional void: A major problem that a parent faces is that their child misses them when they are not present at home. It is within the professional premises of a qualified baby sitter’s role to fill that gap in the most loving, caring, and engaging manner possible. Be it by developing a bond with the child and addressing to the child’s needs promptly or by devising an all-around routine to keep the child well-cared for as well as engaged, the nanny must create a conducive child care environment at home by emotionally reaching out to the child as is proper for a professional care giver.

Keeping the home environment stimulating: It is the role and duty of a professional nanny to keep the home environment stimulating enough for the child. Cooking delicious meals, hosting interactive story telling and play acting sessions, and engaging the child in games and activities like building blocks keep the home environment creatively charged.

Monitoring the child’s daily nutrition needs: Another cause of concern for parents is whether the child is getting their daily dose of nutrition or not. The nanny must adhere to a well-balanced diet in consultation with the parents, and if need be the child’s physician, to ensure that all the vital nutrients are maintained and there is enough variety of healthy and nourishing food for good growth. Another problem that parents face is that the child becomes irritable and prone to skip meals or eat less when parents are not around. A good nanny is someone who is able to keep the child duly engaged and is also strict if the need be to ensure that the daily dietary needs of the child are taken care of.

At Nightingale Dubai, we provide trusted, professionally trained, and fully vetted nannies in Dubai who are qualified to give quality baby-sitting services and newborn baby care at home. They are trained in the art of dealing with children of varying age groups and backgrounds and have a pleasing personality and well-groomed mannerisms.



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