Elderly Care in the Privacy of Your Own Home!

Our nurses are well trained considering Elderly care. This includes first aid, safety procedures and emergency responses–covering all aspects of eldercare services. As part of Nightingale Dubai’s senior home health care services, we promote the independence of our elderly clients while assisting them with activities of daily living. Each Elderly Care Plan is tailored to the individual.


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Old Age Health Care Services-Elder care professionals in Dubai
Old Age Health Care Services-Elder care professionals in Dubai

Nightingale nurses can assist with senior home health care services from end to end. Eldercare services include:

If you or someone you know is looking into home care for a relative, or may soon be in that position, here is some information that may help make the process more manageable:

Determine the individual’s care requirements: Will there be a need for hands-on care such as bathing, dressing and toileting? Are there cognitive issues that will require a different type of care? Are there financial restrictions? Is the individual willing to receive help? When you call our home care agency, you will want to have this information at hand so that the team can assist you and guide you.

Identifying the type of care that is required: Supportive care is usually provided by paraprofessionals–home health aides, home care aides and nursing assistants who provide hands-on care to people in their homes, nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Custodial care includes assistance with bathing, dressing and mobility, as well as transportation, light housekeeping and similar tasks.

Skilled care is usually provided by health care professionals, such as registered nurses, licensed practical nurses or therapists, under the direction of a physician. Most often, skilled care is needed after a person has been hospitalized due to a fall or other medical condition.

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