Who is a Travel Nurse?

A registered nurse (with Dubai Health Authority) or nurses who have a degree or diploma in nursing and experienced in clinical procedures and new born care / child care, who can assist you while you travel to other countries for a short term (from few days to few months) are called travel nurses. A travel nurse will have acute-care experience in their specialty and are well educated and well-mannered who can take care of your loved ones during your travel inside the country or overseas.

If you are traveling from Dubai / UAE to another county for medical treatments with your loved ones or just on a tour to another place, our nurses can support you throughout the journey. 

What can a travel nurse do for you?

Nightingale Health Services’ travel nurses can provide you the following services:

  • For Elderly care

    • Assist with medication.
    • Assist with Wheel chair.
    • Taking care of the daily needs.
    • Care for bedridden patients (like pressure ulcers, pneumonia, deep vein thrombosis, and urinary tract infections).
  • For new-born care

    • Traveling with a new-born who needs extra care.
    • Support for babies who are discharged from NICU and needs to travel long distance.
    • Help you with feeding, hand expressing, and support during night times.
  • For Child care

    • Babysitting during travel.
    • Taking care of your kids while you are away and want some free time for yourself.
    • Accompany your kids to the play areas, pool, malls, tourist destinations, or theme parks.
    • Help your children for their meals and looking after the hygiene.
  • For Clinical care

    • Support for patients with severe long term medical conditions.
    • Travel with you to another country for hospital treatments.
    • Wheel chair or Stretcher transferring and assisting.
    • Manage the oxygen supplies and tubes while traveling in a flight or staying in hotels.
    • Tracheostomy care, IV fluid and medical administration, Tube feeding etc.

What are the advantages of using Travel Nurses?

Taking a nurse with you for outbound travel or getting a nurse during inbound travel to Dubai from a trusted agency is the easiest way to get the medical or child care help you needed. There is no long wait and not much paperwork.

There is a great demand of skilled nurses because of the global shortage. Finding an experienced nurse for your temporary requirement would be daunting and nearly impossible. That is where Nightingale can help you by providing the nursing care you need.   You also have the clarity of how much you will spend as the cost for hiring a travel nurse would be indicated to you beforehand.

Medical Tourism in Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s most visited tourist destination. To promote  Medical Tourism and strengthen the Health Facilities in Dubai, DHA has introduced Dubai Health Experience (DXH).

Also Dubai hotels are expecting near full occupancy during Qatar World Cup 2022.

We at Nightingale Health Services provide high quality travel nursing care to our patients, so that your journey is hassle free and less stressful.

We have also Clinical care post operative support after your travel in case you need a long-term support.

We also have special offers for Emirates Platinum card holders.

dubai part time nurses for hire during travel

Or request a nurse to accompany while traveling:

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