Sleep training - What is it?

  • Is your baby keeping you up through the night?
  • Are you struggling with sleep deprivation?
  • Are you eager to find a solution?

Help is at hand. Sleep training your babies is possible with the right trainer.

It’s a common fact that infants have trouble settling down to sleep and sleep for only a couple of hours at a time and most new parents feel exhausted adjusting to this. But, did you know that you can sleep train a baby and get a good night’s sleep?

However, by 4-6 months babies are generally sleeping longer, giving you much needed respite.

You may consider having support for sleep training after 6 months if your baby is not sleeping for a sustained amount of time or is waking frequently for factors other than needing a feed. Many things can influence sleep, including the stages of development, weaning and transitioning onto family food, daily routine and family dynamics.

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How does sleep training works!

Let’s read what our Sleep Training consultant has to say about this.

“I work with infants from 6 months onward (before this it is physiologically normal to wake at night). Sleep strategy is about finding the right approach for the child and parents, appreciating that one size doesn’t fit all, the aim, to provide uninterrupted sleep for the whole family.

The first session is a one hour home visit where I take a detailed history of sleep patterns and behaviours from birth onward, I will also discuss with you your parenting style and family routine in general, this will enable me to find the right strategy. I then go off and make a plan!! The following two home visits are focused on supporting the new behaviour changes for the child and parent and dealing with any setbacks you might experience.”

In case if  you need a helping hand, our maternity night nurses can help you.

A few points to consider:

  • Sleep problems in childhood are common
  • Good sleep is the foundation of health & success for everyone in your family. It is necessary for growth, health, safety and happiness.
  • Sleep debt is cumulative; hence the cost to your mood and attention increases the longer your sleep is disrupted.
  • Finding a sleep solution is not about attributing blame to what has gone before but simply drawing a line in the sand and beginning again.

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Our stand against ‘Cry it out method’ of sleep training: Certainly we do not advocate the crying it out approach where the baby is left alone to eventually fall asleep. Research suggests that excessive stress induced crying could influence cortisol levels and create further anxiety in a young infant. There are other proven methods which may take time but involve looking at a more holistic picture. A tailor made approach is implemented, to suit your unique family and child.

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