Nightingale Home Nursing was established by British professionals to bring the highest standards of clinical and  home caring to Dubai and the UAE. Clinical care at home is our expertise. It is this genuine and natural passion for what we do that drives us to provide dedicated nursing care to families when they need it most.

We’re here to offer our expertise and support in 24/7 round the clock nursing care, administering medications, injections, infusions and IV fluid administration or just another pair of hands to help you at every stage of care. Whether you are an UAE national, resident or visitor to Dubai for medical procedure, we have the expertise to cover you!

clinical care at home

Our Clinical Care services include:

Returning home after an operation or treatment in hospital can leave you and your family members feeling worried about the after care procedures at home. We provide round the clock clinical care needed when you need the most. Our skilled nurses who are also DHA (Dubai Health Authority) registered and care givers carry out procedures such as IV therapies, blood sampling or changing dressings.
Before you leave hospital we can discuss with you and your family what help you may need, and arrange for care to start when you are discharged. 

Wound Care and Stoma Care

Many patients and families feel overwhelmed with their hospital Discharge instructions regarding correct techniques for carrying out correct wound care.

At Nightingale Home Nursing, we can assist you or a loved one to promote wound recovery, prevent complications and give you nutritional counselling using an individualized evidence-based wound care plan.

We can also communicate and collaborate with your treating physician regarding patients progress towards healing as well as treatment options.

Catheter Care and Management

Clinical care at home includes catheter care. Catheterization is conducted in the hospital to relieve acute or chronic urinary retention, to drain urine per-operative, to determine the amount of residual urine after voiding, or to determine accurate measurement of urinary drainage in critically ill patients.

Many patients and family feel overwhelmed when discharged home with a catheter in place. We believe maintaining the patient’s privacy, dignity and safety is of paramount importance while carrying out your Catheter care and prevention of infection. Nightingale Nurses can assist you or a loved one with clinical care, health education, correct hygiene and catheter care maintenance to promote your independence and self-confidence.

Diabetes Management at home

Our nurses are fully licensed to assist you or a loved one with capillary blood glucose monitoring, insulin administration and diabetic meal plan preparation.

  • Perform home assessment for adequate nutritional resources
  • Reteach and assess the family’s adherence to insulin administration and blood glucose monitoring
  • Reteach and assess the families’ ability to respond to hypoglycaemia, insulin shock and diabetic acidosis and knowledge of related emergency management
  • Measures to prevent stress
  • Measures to prevent infection
  • Escort you or your loved one to medical appointments

IVF and Woman Care

Nightingale DHA Registered Home Nurses have experience in women’s health care. Our overnight nurse care helps execute treatment plans and can play an important role in supporting you through the complex journey of pregnancy using IVF.

Our DHA registered Nightingale Nurse will:

  • Escort you to the initial visit to your specialist
  • Assist in scheduling appointment visits for testing and treatments which involves specific timings.
  • Administer your injection in the comfort of your Home at the Specific time prescribed by your Doctor
  • Relieve you of any unnecessary anxiety or stress regarding having your injection administered on time. Treatment plans are effectively delivered on time.

Cosmetic Surgery aftercare

When you do a Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic Surgery as commonly called, recovery is the period of time after surgery for your body to heal. It might be different from person to person. Your Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon will give you instructions that will ensure you have the safest healing and great results. 

During the recovery phase you will need expert care in procedures like wound care and emptying and refilling drains etc. Our nurses can help you in all the daily procedures by liaising with your surgeon and provide with that extra care you need.

Nursing Care after Liposuction

After your liposuction, the site will be wrapped to help reduce swelling, bruising, and pain. You will have to take extreme care of the area for around 4 to 5 weeks. You may need additional clinical care support from an experienced nurse and that is where we come in. Our nurses can help you in wound dressing, fluid drains from cuts and incision, help you with your medicines and hygiene etc.

Care for Cancer patients

Cancer patients often require specialized health care assistance at home as they finish chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery from the hospital. Our nurses can support you during nausea, anemia, pain, infection, and other complications and provide you companionship and comfort throughout your journey to beat Cancer.

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