Looking for a qualified part-time Nanny service in Dubai?

Becoming a new parent brings an abundance of joy and many challenges. Need babysitter and searching “nanny services near me”? No worries, We’re here to provide you with a qualified and reliable part-time Nanny service in Dubai. Supporting when you need it the most.

We offer you 24/7 in-home infant care, and our priority is to make your family feel confident knowing their child/children are in the capable hands of a Nightingale Nurse.

All our nurses have been highly trained in baby care. We can guide and help you with:

part time nanny for child care

Travel Nursing

Coming to Dubai for vacation and need childcare or surgery?

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Childcare Services

Our Part-time Nanny service offers professional and passionate monitoring and encouragement for new parents and their families to ease out the process of post-childbirth.

As a top nanny agency in Dubai, our aim is to provide dedicated support to families when they need it the most. We take great pride in your child’s.

Maternity Support

At Nightingale we provide only the best specialised care and support for you and your newborn.

An in-home Part-time Nanny can help you with getting settled into home after delivering your baby. Nightingale can also assist with –

We are trusted partners for providing nannies at various 5 star hotels in Dubai!

Nightingale can also include:

Nanny Agency Dubai-Get Best Babysitter/Nanny Service in Dubai
Nanny Agency Dubai-Get Best Babysitter/Nanny Service in Dubai

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