When you want help on postnatal training, get it from the experts. We offer one-to-one consultation for Postnatal Classes and Training with our Community Midwife.

She offers post-natal visits to help you on how to care for the newborn and yourself after giving birth. She also offers  prenatal classes to assist you in preparing for the arrival of your baby.

The midwife will help and support you to get the best start possible at home with your newborn baby!

postnatal training

What is included in the Postnatal classes programme?

For Mothers:

  •     Postpartum chat (to go through the delivery)
  •     Routine Postnatal Clinical Check
  •     Breast Feeding Support
  •     Maternal related Postnatal Education

For Baby

  •     Postnatal Clinical Check
  •     Feeding Support
  •     Baby related Postnatal education
  •     Weight checks

Due to current COVID 19 situation, we are also offering our online midwifery service through zoom app or phone consultation.

  • If you wish to proceed with your consultation on zoom, please provide your zoom-account address and the health care professional will invite you 5 minutes before the scheduled appointment/session.
  • If the consultation will be done via phone-call, please provide us your mobile number and the health care professional will call you 5 minutes prior to when your booking starts.
  • There is also an online payment system

Contact us to get the rates for postnatal classes!

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