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Best home nurse and newborn care award 2022
childcare provider of the year award

Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by our parents

Age with Dignity. Senior Home Health Care Services can Make the Old Age of Your Elderly Golden.


Elderly care at home - Nightingale Dubai

In a fast-paced metro like Dubai, it is a fact that despite how much we want to spend time with our elderly at home but hardly manage to spend quality time with family due to the professional rat race in our lives. As a result, our elderly loved ones feel extremely lonely at home and may slip into a depression. Also at their senile age, they often behave like children and may say that all is well but in reality they may be ignoring their health condition, skipping medicines or are simply not adept to take care of their daily chores or maintain the required standards of hygiene. In such a scenario or your loved elderly has undergone any operation or old age-related health condition do consider taking the services of a senior home healthcare agency or appoint a professional old age care nurse as our city of Dubai is seeing a proliferation of old age care services.

What is included in Senior home health care services?

ADLs or Assistance with daily living. As suggested from the name appoint a senior care nurse to take care of the daily chores of an elderly living in your house. Appoint the nurse during the day shift if you are not at home during day hours due to office. An elderly care nurse would assist with bathing, cleaning, feeding of your elderly as per a strict diet chart and even can assist with food being prepared at your home for the elderly. The elderly home care nurse will ensure that your loved one gets care that of a nursing home at your house by maintaining the hygiene of the strictest quality. She will also ensure that your elderly is safe in your house by mitigating risks like falling due to wet floors, particularly in the washroom.
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The second most important aspect of ADLs is monitoring medicine prescribed for the elderly. If your elder has conditions like hypertension or diabetic then the nurse would advocate timely medicines, closely monitor the condition of the elderly and in case of any irregularities would report to y0u or even the home healthcare agency that has appointed her. She can even maintain a record of the readings to better understand the improvement of the patient over some time. A senior home health care nurse will advocate a routine of exercises recommended to a diabetic person or can even take the diabetic person out for a stroll or a walk. She should be knowledgeable about the exercises recommended in such health condition and routinely ensure that your elderly get their share of workout. For other conditions like post-operative care, post-surgery care, senile health condition, terminally ill patients go for a nurse who is trained to handle such cases and consult about the same with your elderly home healthcare agency. Some scenarios may require you to appoint a nurse who is sound with postoperative wound dressing so that no infection develops and your elderly receives proper care at home. For more serious elderly patients at home, you can even appoint a nurse for the night shift. So that you get your night’s sleep without having to worry about your loved one and at the same time your loved one’s condition is constantly monitored.

Mental health and companionship

Statistics in a fast city like Dubai, unfortunately, point out that a major chunk of the city’s elderly population is suffering from mental health issues, depression and loneliness. It is quite unfortunate that the generation who enabled us to lead a life where we can today satisfy most of our material wants have relegated our parents and seniors to this position of pity and loneliness. Appointing a senior home healthcare nurse at your residence not only takes care of your loved ones physically but provides companionship through the day when you are out and busy with professional commitments. This companionship of a home nurse can bring joy to them, restore dignity in their lives and fills them with appreciation and positivity for you. A home health care nurse specialised for seniors are trained to an extent about the mental health of the elderly, how to make them feel loved and cared for. Most importantly these home healthcare nurses in Dubai lends a patient ear to whatever your elderly have to say and engage with them through storytelling.

There are multiple benefits of appointing an elderly home healthcare professional at your residence from a standard and professional elderly home healthcare service provider. In the long run, they may also help you save health expenses incurred on elders if their health condition goes unchecked or he/she contracts a lifestyle disease. All you need to do is keep your mind open to these newer concepts coming in to make our elderly population’s lives a little better and explore more on this by actually visiting a elderly home care centre for your elderly loved one to age at his home with dignity rather than having a harrowing experience in an old age home or suffer in a hospital just for the sake of better care.



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