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Best home nurse and newborn care award 2022
childcare provider of the year award

Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by our parents

All you need to know about home care nursing services in Dubai

home care nursing services in Dubai
home care nursing services in Dubai

Are you having a troubling time worrying about the ailing loved one at home? Is your loved one recovering at home in the post-operative phase or you have an elderly member at home of whom you are not being able to take proper care? You are not alone in this situation, in a fast-paced city like Dubai there are several people like you who are not able to do enough for their loved one at home due to their busy work schedule and demands of professional life.

You shouldn’t blame yourself for this inability. We can understand providing your loved one nursing home care always can burn a hole in your pocket. It is during these situations you can look for an alternative. And that alternative is home healthcare services or in-home healthcare agencies.

In-home healthcare agencies in Dubai provides home nursing and home healthcare services so that you can get nursing home-like care for your loved ones at home at a much more affordable price. If you are looking to hire a general nurse for the patient at your home do consider visiting one of the many in-home healthcare agencies in your city for specialised nurses.

In-home healthcare agencies have a workforce which comprises of nurses, midwife, caregivers specially trained to handle a specific health condition of a patient. So, a maternity nurse will vary from a nurse trained to provide care to the elderly, terminally ill or cancer patients. So, go and choose your nurse from an in-home healthcare agency for a specially trained person suitable to your needs.

Another advantage of an in-home healthcare agency is that the Agency doctors will be in constant touch with the nurse and maintain a report about the health condition of your patient. Which will be shared with you periodically so that you can monitor the developments closely and even report the same to the doctor that you have been consulting for your patient. Besides, a trained home nurse is much better equipped for responding to emergencies, promptly and correctly advocating the medicines, checking the blood pressure of the patient and doing some preliminary tests on the patient or injecting the medicine.

You can ensure that by hiring a nurse from a reputed home healthcare agency you are not duped as you can always check the certificates of a nurse employed by a home nursing agency. We doubt nurse whose contact you get to know through your neighborhood hardly could produce a certificate of her course. So be careful about choosing your nurse and lessen your worries. it’s not just about entrusting the keys of your home to someone it’s about taking care of the health of your loved one at home and in your absence.

Let’s understand the services of the nurse provided by the home healthcare agencies.

Maternity Nurse or a Nanny

A maternity nurse or a nanny is someone who takes care of the mother and the newborn in the postnatal phase after the mother has given birth to a child. In case of cesarean child and more intense care required by the mother your in-home health care agency will provide a nurse who is well equipped in dressing the C section wound of the mother and advocate her the medicines and also monitor the bleeding frequency of the mother.

A maternity nurse takes care of both the baby and the mother. She maintains cleanliness in the house, maintains a high standard of hygiene, can even prepare meals for the mother as per the diet chart. She will also teach first time mother how to breastfeed her child and will be a complete counsellor for the new mother of how to take care of her child and her health and also would encourage the new mother to come out of the depression phase that sets in a woman after giving birth to a child and help her cope up with normal life.

Nurse for Aging and terminally ill patients

You may have an elderly at home who constantly gives you blues for not being able to manage their daily activities. Simply taking a bath or eating on time can become irregular for them. Since you cannot manage them the whole day due to your work, it is desirable to hire a part-time elderly care nurse from a home nursing agency.

The part-time elderly care nurse will not just create a strict routine for your elderly loved one but bring back dignity to his/her life. She will give your loved one company, make him feel important, keep depression at bay, take him /her for a short walk at the same time maintain hygiene in the house, monitor medicines for them and help them with daily chores.

Critical patient caregiver

With cancers becoming a reality of our society and more elderly people suffering from it, you should be both financially and mentally be ready for such circumstances. To help create some positivity at home you can hire a critical caregiver nurse from a home nursing agency, someone who is mentally tough and have handled such patients before. A good caregiver can share your pain and inspire your struggle.

Do consult a home nursing agency before making up your mind of hiring a nurse for the different circumstances discussed above or more situations to lessen your worries.



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