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Best home nurse and newborn care award 2022
childcare provider of the year award

Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by our parents

Why choosing the perfect maternity nurse is a decision that can give parents of a newborn wealth of joys


perfect maternity nurse
perfect maternity nurse

Raising a newborn maybe a joyride given the emotional rewards but is definitely not a casual affair. On the contrary, it requires experienced hands and most importantly, expert guidance of a midwife or a maternity nurse. There was a time when all this was readily available to us in the form of traditional family support system of elders and relatives and even a mutually symbiotic neighbourhood and that too in an organic way. Families were larger and relationships were readily available for both emotional and day-to-day needs. But in today’s times with more nuclear families coming into the picture of a metropolitan city like Dubai, a professional maternity nurse can make your motherhood an enriching and stress-free experience

Today maternity care for new born could be a challenge with both working partners in most cases, who can’t possible stay away from work too long given the nature of most corporate or private-sector jobs. The rush of work deadlines and the pressure of keeping up means you are pretty much on your own to raise and nurture a newborn (and hopefully hop, skip, and jump), which only increases the pressures of healthy upbringing of the child.

Mothers themselves need to get back to work after their maternity leave gets over and hence the presence of someone experienced at the beck and call. Most importantly, that someone experienced needs to have professional training and certification and caring hands to be able to hand-hold mothers through the process of post-pregnancy care of herself and of the newborn. Here comes a trained midwife into the picture.

Midwives or maternity nurses, are registered healthcare professionals, and must be able to provide the most fundamental guidance, care, support, and advice to parents to make the first few weeks after childbirth a smooth, relaxed, and fulfilling experience. They assist new parents to take the right decision at each and every step, encourage them to ask questions and learn, and duly perform chores with them so that especially the new mother is rested and relaxed enough to embrace the challenges and joys of motherhood with energetic participation and appreciation of the new bundle of joy’s movements and expressions.

Thus an able maternity nurse prepares parents to partake of the journey of co-parenting and empowers the mother to raise the newborn with effective care without being fatigued. This valuable guidance helps parents to deal with co-parenting in a more mature and relaxed manner once the maternity nurse leaves.

Daily home maternity nurses or midwives provide wide-ranging baby care household chores on daily basis, generally on 12-hour shifts, up to six days a week. This option is ideal for families who do not want the nurse to stay with them and share their living space.

Depending upon the job schedules or other assignments of couples, families also hire home maternity nurses or midwives who are comfortable working on only night shifts. Such families have parents who are available during daytime to take care of the baby.

However, depending upon the particular requirement of a household, families also choose live-in maternity nurses who provide round-the-clock assistance and adjust with the rhythms of the household to provide baby and mother care in a more organic more, suited to the environment of the home.

Maternity nurses not only supervise daily baby care activities like
feeding, bathing, clothing, and establishing routines and sleep habits for newborn babies. Since they also physically perform all these duties with parents, while addressing all of their queries and concerns, parents get a demonstration of the correct procedures of performing these duties with both care and comfort.

Breastfeeding mothers require much attention, guidance, and care, and maternity nurses provide that with their keen observation, supportive words, and technical advice on breastfeeding. Additionally, they provide breast care in the event of any complication.

Maternity nurses help ensure all feeding equipment is clean, sterilized, and ready for use day and night thereby putting all bottle-feeding mothers’ concerns to rest.

In fact, first-rate personal hygiene standards are a crucial criterion for any trained maternity nurse to maintain as both babies and mothers are vulnerable during the postnatal phase.

Another thing that maternity nurses maintain, in this regard, is the hygiene of the baby and all associated paraphernalia of baby items–baby room, baby nursery, baby clothes, baby feeding tools etc.

They tidy the baby’s room and nursery, wash and sterilize baby clothes and feeding tools and not just that, they even help you set up and organize the child’s nursery. It is this special bond that they develop with a child that helps them understand what would work for the child and what would not.

Maternity nurses monitor the baby’s body weight and growth and the baby’s overall wellbeing as well as assist with the mother’s postnatal recovery. The fact that maternity cares for the baby in the most precise, technical, and caring manner, it allows mothers to rest and recover, while all worries related to feeding, bathing, changing nappies, and soothing the infant when they cry can be left to the able hands of the trained midwife.

For those families with big brothers and sisters, maternity nurses ensure that they welcome the new member of the family and help establish a bond with him or her by involving them with the baby’s growing up phase and by giving them small roles to participate in that process.

Another special area of expertise of night-time maternity nurses and midwives is to help establish essential sleep routines for the baby. They stay up to feed and change the baby, allowing the parents to experience a good night’s sleep.

Finally, since premature babies need special care, to administer care to premature babies, one needs to check with nursing agencies that the nurse should be trained at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. These nurses come with specialized training to care for premature babies in a home environment.

All these holistic factors are taken into consideration at Nightingale Dubai, one of the best maternity nursing agencies in Dubai, while providing parents with that medically proficient midwife or maternity nurse so that they get a combination of medical supervision and caring hand-holding through the difficult phase of motherhood. Nightingale Dubai maternity nurses are able to perform both routine baby care chores with precision as well as provide positive counseling to new mothers.



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