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Best home nurse and newborn care award 2022
childcare provider of the year award

Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by our parents

How to Care For Yourself After Childbirth in Dubai

After Childbirth
After Childbirth

A newborn baby comes as a bundle of joy in any mother’s life—a new set of emotions, a new world of experiences and a bond that is stronger than anything else in this world. However, just like any other enriching process of life, childbirth also brings with it a new set of challenges. The biggest challenge is to take care of a new mother and new baby’s health in the postpartum period, which is usually six to eight weeks after delivery. In a city like Dubai, while most expat families hire professional nannies for post-pregnancy care, there are several families who take linger break from their professional lives and manage without external help. Such families often rely upon their extended family members for help and support. Whether or not one hires a childcare and mother care nanny, it is important for families to be aware of a few basic parameters.

Let’s now look at some of the key areas that require attention during the period after childbirth immediately. The care of care and attention you need also depends upon the delivery you’ve had. Whether you are released in a day or after a week from the hospital, there are a few factors you need to monitor at home as well and communicate with your doctor regularly regarding your progress as well as in case of any complication or unexplained pain.

Normal delivery:

  • After a normal delivery (non-operative), you may get back to home a day after your delivery provided there’s no other complication.
  • The hospital will do a routine check-up of your vital parameters—blood pressure, vaginal bleeding and heart rate before they let you go back home.
  • Your doctor needs to monitor your pain and discomfort levels in case of a vaginal tear or episiotomy.
  • At this stage, your abdomen will be monitored regularly for firmness to monitor the shrinking of your uterus.
  • Vaginal bleeding is a normal occurrence. However, your doctor needs to be informed if you experience discharge of large blood clots, high fever or a foul odour.
  • The perineum (area between the vagina and the rectum) may be swollen and painful due to stretching during the vaginal birth. Applying ice packs helps relieve the discomfort.

Cesarean Delivery:

  • After a Cesarean section, you may experience pain at the surgical site and have to stay up to five or seven days in the hospital.
  • The medications administered for a C-section often lead to contraindications like nausea, itchiness and body ache.
  • Your blood pressure, bleeding and heart rate will be monitored regularly. The size and firmness of your uterus are other areas that will be checked.
  • Your doctor will prescribe medications for post-pregnancy pain management.
  • Your doctor will also give you a handout to help you do basic and easy moving around exercises several times a day to promote recovery and to help you come back to normalcy.

Postpartum Home Care:

The biggest challenge begins after your resume your life at home outside the medical paraphernalia of the hospital. Monitoring your vital signs, preparing a healthy routine to care of your newborn baby after birth and to take ample rest yourself is a challenge. Whether you hire a childcare nanny or rely on your family members, you will need to keep in mind a number of points.

In Nightingale Dubai, we hold regular counselling sessions for new mothers and new parents and teach them basic skills to create a routine for postnatal baby care and postpartum care for mothers. We also share a list of dos and don’ts for mothers and babies for post-childbirth care at home.

Warm Sitz baths to soothe the vulva and perineal areas to relieve discomfort are recommended in case of a normal delivery.

Most mothers experience exhaustion and sleepiness as their bodies are still recovering from major changes. Taking adequate rest, eating nutritious foods and maintaining optimal intake of fluids are important to promote healing and adequate breast milk production.

Vaginal bleeding may continue for up to eight weeks. Inform your doctor if you experience the passage of large blood clots, a foul odour or a high fever during this time.

Urine leakages are common for a few months while coughing, sneezing or laughing, in short, any involuntary action. This is normal and will resolve. However, new mothers need to do their pelvic floor exercises.

Bowel movements can be painful after childbirth and so it is important to include a high fibre diet or stool softeners to allow easier passage. Take medical consultation for high levels of pain.

Often, new mothers develop certain skin changes and hair loss due to hormonal changes. If the problem persists beyond a few months, one needs to take professional help.

It is important to continue to breastfeed your baby and you must seek professional help if you experience soreness and discomfort while doing so.

Experiencing post-pregnancy depression or negativity, commonly termed as “postpartum blues/depression” can lead to dullness, lethargy, weight issues, sleeping problems and hinder daily routine of taking care of your new baby. Seek help if you are unable to care for yourself or the baby, as treatment can make you feel better.

You should exercise regularly, as instructed by your doctor, to help to heal, maintain positivity of mind and to get back in shape.

In Nightingale Dubai, we provide part-time nannies to help you tackle post-pregnancy challenges and lead a healthy life and care for your newborn in an optimal manner. And our pre-booked postpartum sessions educate parents in the most holistic manner to lead a healthy life post childbirth.



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