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Best home nurse and newborn care award 2022
childcare provider of the year award

Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by our parents

Maternity nurses are medical angels who can lead you through a healthy, positive, and stress-free pregnancy

Mother with baby
Mother with baby

Mothers are at the center of the human life cycle. Unborn babies get their nutrition from their mothers’ right in the wombs and doctors across the world consider breast milk to be the most nourishing and purest form of nutrition for newborn babies. A baby’s wellbeing is intrinsically tied to the mother’s wellbeing. A healthy mother means a healthy child, and by extension, a healthy family.

While the thought of welcoming the new member of your family must be on top of your mind, there are a few medical parameters that you need to consider as you plan to have a baby.

A lot of the diseases found in children under five is accounted to undesirable maternal health conditions as well as lack of proper care administered during pregnancy and baby delivery.

If you are planning to become a mother, you should take an all-round approach towards your health as you are going to embark on a fulfilling, yet vulnerable journey. Your body and mind is going to undergo a lot of changes in the coming months and you must be prepared to deal with the new physiological developments and emotional switches.

Thus, proper maternity care is important to protect your body and help your baby’s development throughout gestation.

In addition to having your counterpart and family around for support, a trained and certified midwife can bring a holistic bouquet of professional care, childbirth-related education, and care for childbearing women and babies.

In fact, maternity nurses bring more than you may think. They can assist you with the entire process of pregnancy and its related challenges and complications and even after childbirth.

In the challenging lifestyles of today where your partner can’t sit back at home on too many working days, and when elders of the family themselves require medical attention, the role of the midwife becomes even more important. Such care is also effective in the case of single mothers or mothers living alone due to certain circumstances.

A professionally trained midwife can give a range of services to take care of the health and welfare needs of pregnant mothers as well as that of their babies during the important stages of pregnancy.

The areas of Maternity nurses specialization include the following:

  • Prenatal and postnatal awareness at home: Creating prenatal awareness is a form of an education program that enables mothers to be fully informed and aware of their bodies during pregnancy. Since pregnancy is a critical time for to-be-mothers, the right knowledge helps them reach a sound state of physiological and emotional wellbeing beforehand and also embrace childbirth in a more prepared and better equipped state.
  • Regular check-ups: This involves monitoring the health of both mothers and babies during various stages of pregnancy through ticking off of the vital parameters. If required, the midwife can assist in scheduling a thorough medical check-up. This process also helps in keeping the family updated with the evolving stages of the pregnancy.
  • One-to-one parent training and education at home: The maternity nurse is also responsible to educate the partner parent in easy one-to-one sessions at home on how to share responsibilities for parenting.
  • Maternal mental health care: This is the most crucial area of holistic wellbeing for mothers. Pregnant women often suffer from stress, anxiety, and prenatal as well as post-partum depression. A maternity nurse is best suited to be the perfect counselor to counter feelings of self-doubt and negativity among to-be mothers and guide them through this process like an expert friend.
  • Pregnancy hygiene control and wound care: The overall hygiene levels should be proper and highly regulated during the period of pregnancy, and hence, the role of a midwife becomes critical in maintaining that. A trained midwife will bring a gamut of sanitation kits and first-aid tools to maintain cleanliness of the concerned mother-to-be and to administer timely wound dressing.
  • Post birth mother and baby care: This involves helping mothers deal with the post-partum process and recovery.

Midwives are professionally trained to address the unique problems that soon-to-be mothers might face in a home environment. Additionally, given their experience at labor wards in hospitals, maternity nurses are organically tuned to think about prenatal care from a woman-oriented approach. Pregnant women need the constant attention and guidance of a trained and caring person, and a home nurse does just that.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most vital services provided by maternity nurses:

  • Preparing pregnant women for labor pain so that they are emotionally ready to deal with it.
  • Intimidating family about signs of labor and taking immediate action, informing hospitals, calling for ambulance etc.
  • Preparing mothers-to-be for normal delivery.
  • Working with contingency plans and dealing with emergencies when things do not go according to plans.
  • Preparing mothers-to-be/families for Cesarean deliveries.
  • Dealing with intense labor pain situations.
  • Providing the family with information on stem cell collection.

Caring for the caregiver of children is of paramount importance. So, at Nightingale Dubai, we make sure that you have a friendly face providing professional support, encouragement, and medical care to you throughout your pregnancy with our first-class midwife services in Dubai.



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