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Best home nurse and newborn care award 2022
childcare provider of the year award

Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by our parents

Physiotherapy post COVID-19 – How we can help?

COVID-19 and Physiotherapy

Patients who have been infected with the coronavirus and admitted to the hospital for this reason should receive physiotherapy as soon as their condition allows. Seriously ill patients who are on ventilators and are confined to a hospital bed for long periods experience problems with breathing and other physical issues, due to their prolonged inactivity. Physiotherapists can be of great value to patients and their care in this regard. Physiotherapist assist with recovery in the ICU, but what happens when a patient is sent home?…

Once a patient is discharged from hospital it is vitally important to begin the rehabilitation process!

Recovery after intensive care

At first, patients will have very little energy. People on bed rest for the entire day lose about 5% of their total muscle mass and general condition each day. This will result in weakness and fatigue. Patients may not only suffer with muscular deconditioning, but may also experience respiratory complications post discharge. This condition is known as “post-intensive care syndrome” (PICS). A rehabilitation program designed and implemented by a physiotherapist compromising of muscular strengthening, respiratory exercises and functional independence training would be holistically beneficial to the patient going home!

Physiotherapy care will focus on the patient being given exercises aimed at improving lung function by strengthening the respiratory muscles, coughing up phlegm more effectively and breathing more deeply, thereby improving the ventilation of the lungs. They are also given motion exercises.

How can our Home physiotherapist help you

A big focus of physiotherapy during the pandemic will be to get patients moving as soon as possible. But this can only happen when the patient is well enough.

This can start with simply getting patients to move their arms, legs and body in the bed. Physiotherapists will closely manage vital signs such as oxygen levels, respiratory rate and blood pressure to ensure movements are safely tolerated.

Rehabilitation will also vary depending on the patient’s condition. Tiredness or fatigue is reported in about 40% of patients, so physiotherapists will pace activity and potentially see patients more often for shorter treatment sessions. Rehabilitation will be carefully planned and progress gradually to the patient sitting on the edge of their bed, standing, marching on spot, and walking, depending on how well each is tolerated.

Physical strengthening programs will be monitored and progressed until the patient can return to full activities of daily living!

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