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Best home nurse and newborn care award 2022
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What Kind of Pregnancy Care Packages are Offered By In-Home Healthcare Agencies?

pregnancy Care - Nightingale Dubai
Pregnancy Care

Parenthood can be an exciting phase in your life. A professional pregnancy caregiver or a pregnancy caregiver agency can make your childbirth a safe, smooth and hassle-free experience. The best part is now the in-home pregnancy care agencies are providing packages that take care of the mother before, during and post childbirth.

Why do you need a professional nurse before the due date?

For pre-natal tests, nutrition and health habits, consultation on medicines you should appoint an in-home healthcare provider or may take services of a professional nurse during the third trimester of your pregnancy or during labour. The pregnancy care nurse will ensure that you go for timely tests that may include ultrasound, blood glucose, amniocentesis to check for genetic problems in the baby etc. She will collate the reports of this test and maintain a record in a methodical manner for any inputs required by the doctor during your delivery. The professional pregnancy care nurse will guide you on your daily diet intake with overseeing that your diet has, for example, a daily quota of 0.4 mg of folic acid in it. The caregiver will also ensure that the medicine you are consuming is safe to take while you are in the delicate stage of pregnancy. Health problems during pregnancy such as morning sickness, backaches, vaginal bleeding are common, your nurse will ensure that you do not panic due to such condition and help you manage the pain better.

Support during labour and delivery

Your in-home pregnancy care person is like your knowledge source and partner during the time when your delivery due date is approaching. She will educate you about what to expect during the time of delivery including mentally preparing you for a C-section delivery so that you never fluster during the time of actual delivery. To help you get through the difficult phase of labour she will keep handy a few sets of strategies to best manage the pain for you and be with you always to support you and keep a track of your condition. When the due date arrives she will even pack your bag with the necessities that you will require when admitted to the hospital.

Post pregnancy care

Post delivery you need to take care of your health in the first few weeks. The number of days you will spend in the hospital will depend upon the type of delivery you had. For general vaginal delivery you are likely to stay for1-2 days at the hospital and in cases of C-section deliveries you need to spend a couple of days more at the hospital depending on you do not have any other complications. The real challenges of post-natal pregnancy care begin once you arrive home.

First-time mothers will require guidance on breastfeeding from the pregnancy caregiver nurse. It may take up to a few weeks before you get comfortable with breastfeeding. The post-pregnancy care nurse would assist you with how to take care of your breasts, the correct posture of breastfeeding, etc. In case you are using a breastfeeding pump, she would also assist you with the correct use of the device. The nurse is going to be your guide through the day and helping you with timings of breastfeeding to a newborn.

For C-section cases, the pregnancy caregiver will assist the mother in the dressing of the wound, support with movement, daily activities like her bathing and also bathing and feeding of the bay. She will ensure that the best of hygiene is maintained in your household and no infection can spread. A professional and experienced post-pregnancy care nurse is great moral support for the mother in the post-natal phase. She helps the mother recuperate back to normal life in the fastest time and help her deal with a lot of post-pregnancy steps including how to lose body weight gained during pregnancy. She will always try to make sure that the mother takes less stress due to the psychological and physical changes induced during the entire phase. Vaginal bleeding, belly pain and other common conditions developed during the post pregnancy phase are adeptly handled by the caregiver who will monitor the medicines advised to the mother. The post-pregnancy caregiver also helps in the healthy physical and mental development of the child and by imparting knowledge to the mother about how to take care of her baby while doing daily activities of the baby including bathing, feeding, changing diapers, massaging, sleep patterns etc.

With more and more in-home healthcare agencies announcing a more comprehensive package for pregnancy providing assistance right from the pregnancy to prenatal to postnatal phases, it is advisable that you check if all these services are provided by the agency that you are hiring. Else if you are in the city of Dubai, you can always go for a trusted and reputable pregnancy and childcare agency like nightingale Dubai to make your motherhood, parenting a memorable experience.



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