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Best home nurse and newborn care award 2022
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Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by our parents

What to consider while choosing a babysitter for your child.

Babysitter Dubai

In-home, Babysitter is a much sought after service in a fast-paced city like Dubai. No wonder with both parents working these days and hardly any member or a relative at home to care for the baby, parents are turning towards a professional baby daycare in Dubai or hiring an in-home babysitter. Is that your story as well, particularly if you are a working parent and settled in Dubai? In order to meet such a growing demand, there are no dearth babysitters in your city of Dubai but what you need to ensure is that your babysitter is an expert at her job. We hope that the checklist provided by us will help you get the ideal babysitter for your child.

Before we get to the qualities of a babysitter and the services that can be expected out of her it is important to note that her roles and responsibilities vary depending upon the age of your baby. An infant would require more monitoring, assistance with daily chores, whereas a little more grown-up kid would require the babysitter to play and engage in various learning activities with the baby. So, depending on the age of your baby and his requirement, you should go for a babysitter.


  • Health and Hygiene
  • Playfulness
  • Trust
  • Experience

Health and Hygiene

Health and hygiene should be the first in the priority list while choosing your babysitter. Ask your babysitter questions about her ideas and practices of maintaining the good health of the baby and a good environment at home. You should also ensure that your babysitter is on an off during the time she is herself suffering from ill-health. This way you can avoid any contagious infection being contracted to your child from the babysitter.


Your babysitter should be of charming nature and innovative to be able to invent new games for your baby and keep him/her engaged. Through these games, she should be able to make your baby learn a lot of new things. It will be great if she is a storyteller. She can impart knowledge by means of these stories. Ultimately, it’s the most productive time for your baby from the point of view of brain and personality development. Several in-home care agencies and baby daycare in Dubai appoints babysitters who are trained in personality development of children and serves as your child’s first and most important tutor.


Trust and responsibility are overriding factors for you being able to hand over your child in the hands of a babysitter. Your babysitter is the one who should be able to make parenting an exciting experience. If after a long day’s work sometimes you want to go outside your home to spend some personal time as a couple, the worry for your baby should not be at the back of your head. On the contrary, you should feel that your baby is in safe hands in your absence. Most in-home agencies these days ensure that a thorough background check is done of the babysitter employed at your home and is a certified professional. The in-home care agency also ensures that they are in contact with your babysitter in your absence. However and trust and responsibility are something beyond monitoring and your babysitter should be a responsible person even by nature. You should be able to find that out as you get to meet the babysitter a couple of times before you decide to appoint her. A babysitter agency today provides such trials for a better understanding of each other by both parties. Compatibility with you and even with your child are also other criteria that should be focused upon before you make a decision of appointing a babysitter. The relationship with a babysitter is often longstanding, something that is cherished even after your child has entered into a school going age.


What’s most valuable in a babysitter is the experience she possesses in handling kids. She has more knowledge than parents in dealing with challenges that a child may face and fairs like none during unwarranted situations. A babysitter provided by agencies are knowledgeable and also imparts it to the child how to save oneself during a natural disaster. She is the first tutor of the child who helps the child develop his personality, learn discipline and punctuality. The nanny or the babysitter should be able to wield her authority in the mildest manner for the child to develop healthy habits like brushing his own teeth, having his food on time etc. Some babysitters are even guides on matters of the diet of the child. In a loving and friendly manner, she should also inculcate values in the child to be able to socialise with others.

Be it an in-home care agency or a child daycare, ensure that you are aware of the roles and responsibilities, checks and balances before making your final decision to appoint a babysitter.



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